Spicy Kimchi Tofu with Bunashimeji mushrooms

Appetiser, Vegetable December 29th, 2018

Kimchi, the popular Korean dish made of pickled vegetables – most popularly using napa cabbage, can be eaten on its own or used as a base for stew or stir fry. In this recipe, I paired the napa cabbage kimchi with firm tofu cubes and bunashimeiji mushrooms. The combination spicy, sweet and hint of sour makes an appetising dish whilst the firm tofu cubes and soft springy bunashimeiji mushrooms provide a contrast in texture.

This dish is easy to cook and does not take a lot of preparation time. Adjust the amount of kimchi and gochujang paste to suit your tolerance for spiciness. As you can see from the picture, I do like my dish spicy. Give this recipe a try and pair it with steamed rice or even as a condiment for plain porridge.

Recipe for Spicy Kimchi Tofu with Bunashimeiji mushrooms

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Garam Masala Fried Rice with Lamb Medallions

Lamb, Rice January 16th, 2018

For a short period of time in 2017, I experimented with low-iodine recipes. It was not easy as staple ingredients for Chinese recipes such as soy (which means, no soy sauce or the like), seafood (which also means, no oyster sauce), beans and leafy greens are out. In comes spices, capsicums, raisins, salt and pepper for most of the recipes.

I bought some choice lamb medallions from Cold Storage and they looked good for a meal but I was also looking to pairing it with rice rather than pasta or potatoes. I thought it would be interesting to have fried rice with a hint of spice – it turned out not too bad after all. Give this a try if you are keen to explore.

Garam Masala Fried Rice with Lamb Medallions (for 1 pax)

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The Perfect Blanched Baby Bok Choy Recipe

Chinese, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetable December 29th, 2017

After a 5 year hiatus from this blog, I’m back – perhaps not as often but surely not for another 5 years. So, what have I been up to? Well, we’ve moved down south to Singapore, kids have grown much and our domestic helper has taken over most of the kitchen duties.

Thus far, we’ve had 4 domestic helpers from Indonesia and Philippines. Though they came to work with us with no prior cooking experience, I’m glad to say that they’ve learnt much along the way on how to cook Delicious Asian Food the Hochiak way. One of our helpers have learnt and shared her culinary skills with her new employer in Hong Kong much to her employer’s delight.

As I have mentioned before, cooking at home need not be difficult. With careful planning, you’d be surprised how easy it can be to whip up a meal for your loved ones. As I come back to this blog, I asked myself what should I post? After much thought, I reckoned I should go back to where this blog started off. Simple, easy and delicious asian home-cooked recipes which everyone can try in their kitchen.

Baby Bok Choy is a type of leafy green from the chinese cabbage family. It is similar to mustard greens or siao bai chai, albeit in miniature form. Preparation is easy and cooking is even easier. There are a couple of ways to cook the Baby Bok Choy – stir frying, steaming or boiling. My personal favourite is to blanch them and drizzle with sauce. This keeps the Baby Bok Choy tender yet crisp and retains as much of its nutrients as possible.

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Legacy…recipes to pass to our children

Miscellaneous January 9th, 2012

Happy New Year! How has everyone been doing? It’s been a long time since Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food was updated and I’ve received many emails wondering what I’ve been up to. Well, I’m doing fine and the cooking hasn’t stopped albeit, very much of the same old recipes recycling every other week. My family has also been blessed with a domestic helper from the Philipines who is very talented in cooking as she has been able to pick up Chinese cooking really fast. So, it’s been good to be having nourishing home-cooked food every evening when we return home from work.

So, what’s this cookbook that I have featured here on this post, you may ask. It’s something really exciting that I want to share with you. Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food was written based on my passion to record down everyday home-cooked food recipes to be shared with people all around the world and it has brought me tremendous pleasure and satisfaction to see many of you successfully replicating or even improvising on the recipes. Likewise, the Legacy cookbook is was written by 37 contributors, mostly home-makers and produced with the aim of ensuring that these favourite home-cooked food recipes are not forgotten. Read the rest of this entry »

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