Spinach Soup with Wolfberries

Spinach is a fast-cooking vegetable and packed with nutrients. That’s why Popeye loves ’em. It can be stir-fried and it can be cooked in soup. Recently, my dear wife told me that she wanted to try cooking spinach soup with wolfberries (a.k.a. kei chee / goji).

Imagine all the goodness from the spinach doubled up with the circulatory benefits of wolfberries (get the good quality berries which are slightly plummer and sweeter in taste). It is definitely a power-packed soup. Oh yes, the stock is made from ikan bilis soup. So, there you go. My daughter of 3 1/2 years old loved it. I think you will too!

This is my wife’s recipe for Spinach Soup with Wolfberries


  • 300 grammes of spinach (rinsed and plucked at the stems. Discard old or thick stems)
  • 10 grammes of wolfberries (about 20 to 30 pieces)
  • 100 grammes of minced meat (we use pork)
  • 50 grammes of ikan bilis
  • 3 soup bowls

Marinade (for minced meat)

  • 2 teaspoons light soya sauce
  • a dash of white pepper powder


  • Salt to taste
  • 2 teaspoons light soya sauce


Boil ikan bilis in water for 30 minutes to make stock. Remove ikan bilis when done. Meanwhile, marinade minced meat.

Bring stock to boil again after removing ikan bilis. Scoop minced meat into meat balls using a teaspoon and add into the stock. Cook till all meat balls float to surface. Add spinach and wolfberries and bring back soup to boil. Add seasoning to taste and serve immediately.

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