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StirFried Boneless Chicken with Capsicums in Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken May 31st, 2010

One of the earliest dishes I tried out at Japanese restaurants was the Chicken Teriyaki. Lightly grilled and basted with the mildly sweet teriyaki sauce, the tender pieces of chicken always go well with steamed rice. Though I’ve seen the teriyaki marinade being sold at the supermarket shelves, I never got around to buying them until a few months ago – now that I have an oven at home.

I never knew that it was so easy to prepare a dish of oven-roasted chicken teriyaki to perfection but that would be a recipe for another day to share with you. For today, let me share with you what I attempted for the first time which resulted in a thumbs up from my wife 😀

Stir-fried boneless chicken with capsicums in teriyaki sauce may be a long name to pronounce but definitely short and easy to cook. Ingredients are simple and cooking time is minimal. I do think that this dish would be better if a couple of slices of onion are included but you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t have it. The capsicums themselves will give a slight robust taste to this dish, not to mention, a crunch to the otherwise tender pieces of chicken.

For the chicken, I chose the whole leg of chicken, completely deboned with skin removed. Breast meat may not be suitable as it is less tender. The skin is removed so that the dish will turn out less oily. Moreover, it would not be suitable to stir fry the chicken with meat intact. If you prefer to have the chicken skin on, roasting would be a better option. I never knew chicken teriyaki was so simple, and this recipe could even withstand the toughest restaurant reviews – it’s that delicious 😉

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Oven-Grilled Chicken Wings

Chicken, Oven June 10th, 2009

When I was an undergraduate studying in the UK, you will always find me buying chicken wings almost on a weekly basis because it’s one of the cheapest chicken parts available. Apparently, for non-Asians, chicken wings are mainly for the grill rather than stir-fries. So, it has lesser demand compared to the chicken breast or drumstick.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, and probably other parts of Malaysia, grilled chicken wings are commonly found in Chinese coffeeshop eateries. Amongst the most famous is Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings located at Jalan Alor Peel. But today’s post is not about Wong Ah Wah’s Grilled Chicken Wings. Today’s post is about how I finally started to use my brand new oven to cook something for myself whilst looking forward to sharing the same with all of you.

As always, I prefer something  simple and doable. So, this oven-grilled chicken wings recipe only requires ingredients which you can easily find and are likely to be sitting in your kitchen and fridge right now.  Feel free to experiment with the marinade as each person’s taste buds vary. Cooking time needs to be adjusted depending on the size of the chicken wings used and the portions to be cooked. A peek into the oven every 10 minutes to check for doneness would be recommended.

This is my recipe for Oven-Grilled Chicken Wings

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Tea Braised Chicken

Chicken November 4th, 2008


I’m a tea lover, and would try anything that is made from or with tea. The aroma of tea brings out the freshness of the dish or dessert. It is distinct and definitely exotic as tea is not a common ingredient in food cooking, except perhaps Bak Kut Teh, but that is something else altogether because Bak Kut Teh has more to do with herbs rather than tea.

Everyone knows the individual goodness of tea and garlic. This dish has the combination of both tea and garlic, which gives a tea lover a kick in taste. Chicken drumsticks are slowly simmered to absorb the perfect aroma of tea and garlic. What you get is a uniquely flavoured tender pieces of chicken drumstick fit for the entire family!

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Shredded Chicken Porridge

Chicken, Porridge August 11th, 2008

shredded chicken porridge

Shredded Chicken Porridge is sold by many hawkers in Malaysia, usually by those who also sell Pork Porridge. Oh, by the way, in Malaysia we call congee as porridge. I understand that in the West, porridge refers more to soft food made by boiling oatmeal or other grains. Here, rice is used instead.

Anyway, back to our Shredded Chicken Porridge. When I prepared this batch (which gave me about 5 rice bowl-fulls), I actually worked harder to get a stronger tasting porridge than usual. On that morning, I bought 3 legs of chicken and got it deboned. I boiled the bones for about 1 hour and used the stock to cook the porridge. I only used meat from 1 leg of chicken and kept the other 2 legs for other use. If you are not keen to spend the extra work boiling chicken stock, you can use plain water instead.

The usual condiments to Shredded Chicken Porridge are ginger, chopped spring onions and fried shallots. Just sprinkle them liberally and add a drop or two of sesame oil and you will get a really nice and homely tasting porridge. By the way, if you prefer to have a smooth consistency, I would suggest that you first soak the rice for 15 minutes and drain before cooking it. Once cooked, and before adding anything else into the porridge, switch off the flame and allow the porridge to cool down for about 15 minutes. Then add some water and reboil whilst stirring. You should get really smooth porridge then.

This is my recipe for Shredded Chicken Porridge. Read the rest of this entry »

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