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Double-Boiled Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup

Chicken, Soup February 11th, 2008

double boiled sweet herbal chicken soup

This herbal chicken soup is sweet. Most herbal chicken soup can be bitter and kids do not like them. This soup, however, is sweet due to the ingredients used. With a combination of American dried fig, red dates, honey dates, gojiberries, dried longan, pei ji and yuk chuk , you can be assured of a sweet tasting soup filled with goodness. This amount of herbs used in this soup are estimates only and do not come under any special recipe from the chinese medicine store.

chinese herbs

The herbs used are from top (clockwise) – red dates, dried longans, american dried figs, pei ji, honey dates and yuk chuk. Kei chee is not shown in the picture but you can see them floating on the 1st picture above.

This is my wife’s recipe for Herbal Chicken Soup Read the rest of this entry »

Curry Chicken with Potatoes

Chicken August 24th, 2007

curry chicken with potatoes

You can give me Curry Chicken with Potatoes anytime and I will gladly savour it. It’s great when eaten with rice and no less delicious when bread is dipped into it. There are many types of Curry Chicken and this is more of a crude home recipe which I experimented with from time to time.

I have always wanted to be able to cook Curry Chicken just like how the Indians do but will just have to make do with a more “Chinese” flavoured recipe for now. I think I will have to pester my Indian colleague for her home recipes.

Meanwhile, this is my own recipe for Curry Chicken with Potatoes Read the rest of this entry »

Garlic Hoi Sin Chicken

Chicken, Chinese July 6th, 2007

garlic chicken

Last weekend, I was looking at my bottle of Hoi Sin Sauce and wondering what I shall do with it. With 3 chicken drumsticks available in the fridge, I decided to give the chicken a marinade and try out something new. It turned out tasty, albeit slightly charred due to the frying process. I have a feeling that the sugar content in the Hoi Sin Sauce caused the quick charring of the chicken. Perhaps, I did not coat the chicken enough with corn flour.

Anyway, the use of garlic gives the chicken a unique fragrance (unless you find garlic repulsive, which some do) which my daughter enjoyed very much. I had never seen her eating so much meat at one go! I would recommend this dish as a good finger / snack food or as an accompaniment to either rice or pasta.

This is my recipe for Garlic Hoi Sin Chicken Read the rest of this entry »

Ginger Sauced Chicken

Chicken, Chinese, Dinner, Lunch June 15th, 2007

chicken ginger sauce

Once in a while when I eat out at “mixed-rice” stalls (stalls which sell white rice with a mind-boggling choice of side dishes which you can choose and be priced accordingly), I will eat this dish – Ginger Sauced Chicken. Well, I confess that I don’t actually know the real name of this dish but since it is a ginger sauce based dish with chicken, I reckoned it should be called Ginger Sauced Chicken.

After a few tries outside, I attempted this dish and it turned out quite okay. Only thing is I haven’t actually perfected the art of having the chicken nicely fried without having too thick a batter. Whilst the picture above was as a result of what I cooked, I am modifying the recipe a bit into what I think would be better. You can actually fry the chicken pieces beforehand or don’t. It is up to you really. But the highlight is the ginger sauce. Give it a try.

This is my recipe for Ginger Sauced Chicken Read the rest of this entry »

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