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Homemade Tofu with Mini Treasures

Chinese, Dinner, Lunch, Tofu June 20th, 2007

homemade tofu

Homemade tofu is pretty simple to make if you have soyabean milk (unsweetened), egg white, salt and full cream evaporated milk (Ideal Milk). Just mix the ingredients together (according to the recipe, of course) and you will get silken tofu after steaming the same. In fact, the silken tofu can be as smooth and silky as those sold commercially.

Once you have made the tofu, the topping is pretty much up to your creativity. My wife stirred up four ingredients together and I decided to name them Mini Treasures just to add a little glamour to an otherwise simple home cooked meal.

This is my wife’s recipe for Homemade Tofu with Mini Treasures Read the rest of this entry »

Ginger Sauced Chicken

Chicken, Chinese, Dinner, Lunch June 15th, 2007

chicken ginger sauce

Once in a while when I eat out at “mixed-rice” stalls (stalls which sell white rice with a mind-boggling choice of side dishes which you can choose and be priced accordingly), I will eat this dish – Ginger Sauced Chicken. Well, I confess that I don’t actually know the real name of this dish but since it is a ginger sauce based dish with chicken, I reckoned it should be called Ginger Sauced Chicken.

After a few tries outside, I attempted this dish and it turned out quite okay. Only thing is I haven’t actually perfected the art of having the chicken nicely fried without having too thick a batter. Whilst the picture above was as a result of what I cooked, I am modifying the recipe a bit into what I think would be better. You can actually fry the chicken pieces beforehand or don’t. It is up to you really. But the highlight is the ginger sauce. Give it a try.

This is my recipe for Ginger Sauced Chicken Read the rest of this entry »

Pork Leg Hoi Sin Stew

Chinese, Dinner, Pork April 19th, 2007

pork leg hoi sin stew

The one and only time I’ve tasted this Pork Leg Hoi Sin Stew (name given by myself) was during Chinese New Year when my mother-in-law cooked this. I was totally blown away by this dish as it is so delicious that even my 3 year old daughter was asking for seconds and third helpings. So, why is this dish so delicious? I mean, it is only pork leg stew!


Okay…the gravy is an interesting blend of sweet hoi sin sauce with salted plums. Add some dried chillies for spiciness and a touch of chinese cooking wine for the aroma. Stew it for at least an hour and you’ll get absolute melt-in-the-mouth layer of fat, smooth skin as well as soft and tender flavour infused meat. My! What a mouthful! Okay, it might sound that I was exaggerating but you’re missing out something really really tasty if you don’t try out this recipe! Read the rest of this entry »

Stir Fried Ladies Fingers with Anchovies

Chinese, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetable April 5th, 2007

ladies finger anchovies

Another simple dish to try out here : Stir Fried Ladies Fingers with Anchovies. Ladies Fingers is also known as Okra whilst locally, anchovies are also known as Ikan Bilis. The anchovies come in many sizes and for this dish, the medium sized ones are chosed wherein the head and bones are removed prior to cooking. The cooking time for this dish depends on your liking really because some like their ladies finger cooked till soft and limp. For me, I prefer it slightly crunchy. Feels healthier as well 🙂


This is my recipe for Stir Fried Ladies Fingers with Anchovies Read the rest of this entry »

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