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Sambal Tamarind Hard-Boiled Eggs

Egg March 24th, 2008

sambal hard boiled egg

Eggs are probably the cheapest source of protein around, and quite a complete meal in itself. There are many ways of cooking it and hard-boiled is one of them. Once in awhile, I do find myself having a couple of hard-boiled eggs lying around which can be a wee bit difficult just to consume them in plain form (apart from dipping them into dark soya sauce or making egg sandwiches filling). So, one good way of cooking them would be to make an appetizing dish like this Sambal Tamarind Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Sambal Tamarind Hard-Boiled Eggs is one of those recipes which you can cook in small amounts for one or two meals or big amounts enough to feed a party. There are essentially 3 parts to cooking this dish and you can do them separately at your own convenience. Firstly, you need to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs using eggs which are a couple of days old. Fresh eggs are more difficult to get rid of the shell as the egg membrane tends to stick to the egg white. You will also need to prepare the chilli paste or sambal by pounding them or using a blender. I prefer pounding as I prefer the sambal paste slightly “rough”. And finally, the cooking process which does not take all that long.

This easy Sambal Tamarind Hard-Boiled Eggs recipe is appetizing because it uses tamarind juice to give it a slightly tangy taste to the otherwise flat chilli base. The liberal use of onions gives it a natural sweetness though sugar is also used. If you can find cili boh (chilli paste), that will save a bit of time for you. Otherwise, blend red chilli (seeded) with the rest of the ingredients. Experiment by yourself especially on the amount of chilli, tamarind and sugar to use. If you are looking for an easy or simple sambal hard-boiled eggs recipe or wondering how to cook sambal eggs, try this.

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Steamed Egg Custard

Egg February 8th, 2008

steamed egg

Steamed egg custard has probably got to be one of the easiest dishes to cook but difficult to master and make perfect. Using just eggs, water and salt, you can whip up a nice smooth custard looking dish or one which is less desirable in experience much unlike the craters of the moon if you don’t get the technique right.

The Steamed Egg Custard is just the basic recipe as you can improvise it by adding other ingredients as you like. The Chawanmushi, which is the Japanese Steamed Egg Custard, is a more elaborate version with other ingredients like mushrooms, crab stick and chicken meat. You can always start learning with something simple like this Steamed Egg Custard recipe before attempting the more difficult ones with added ingredients.

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Colourful Pork Omellette

Egg, Pork November 9th, 2007

colourful pork omellette

There are so many type of omellette recipes around and it can only be limited by your imagination. I remembered when I was young and was traveling on Malaysia Airlines, I was served a really delicious omellette on board. It’s one of those times when you wish you could have a second helping of airline food. No kidding!

Anyway, the omellette had its based ingredients of eggs, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I have since modified that dish a little and this time, I’ve added minced pork and capsicums (bell peppers) into it. A friend of mine came back from Cameron Highlands recently and bought me some good looking capsicums of the green, yellow and red varieties. So, I mixed all of them up for this omellette. The end result was a really tasty omellette which my daughter loved (she didn’t want to eat rice that night and preferred just to chomp down on the omellette).

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Lap Cheong Omelette

Chinese, Egg, Pork July 30th, 2007

lap cheong omellette

This will be two omelette recipes in succession, the previous being fried oyster omelette. Lap cheong is cantonese for sausages. This is uniquely chinese and is usually available in chinese stores in western countries or at the market or dried produce stores in parts of Asia.

Lap cheong has a distinct sweet taste and the level of saltiness depends on the amount of salt put in by the manufacturer. There are many ways of eating this, fried, steamed or cooked with other dishes, which in this case, is used as the ingredient for an omelette. Lap cheong is, on a visual inspection, probably 70% fat and 30% meat content. Therefore, you don’t really need to use much oil when cooking it. As for storage, you can keep it in the fridge for a couple of months (which I have done). Definitely handy to use when you want to cook a meal in a jiffy.

This is the recipe for Lap Cheong Omelette


  • 2 pieces of lap cheong (sliced thinly, just like salami)
  • 2 large eggs (beaten)



If you are using a wok, heat up 1 teaspoon of oil. Otherwise, it is preferred to use a non-stick frying pan.

Fry lap cheong for 30 seconds until aromatic. Pour beaten eggs over it and reduce to low heat to allow the underside of the eggs to cook.

Flip egg over once the upper part starts to cook. Increase heat and allow to fry for 30 seconds before serving. Garnish to your liking. There is no need to add seasoning as the lap cheong is full bodied in taste.



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