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Rosli Mee Rebus, Kuala Lumpur

Food review August 31st, 2007

It’s the Merdeka (Independance) Weekend as Malaysia celebrates its 50th Year of Independance. This post is queued to publishing on the 31st August, 2007 to coincide with National Day and it is a food review of Encik Rosli’s Mee Rebus which is one of the better Mee Rebus I have eaten.

rosli mee rebus

Rosli Mee Rebus is located behind Wisma Haniffa, off Jalan Masjid India in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Set somewhere in the middle of a row of street hawkers is Rosli Mee Rebus, with its distinguishing green coloured signboard. Encik Rosli has been cooking and selling Mee Rebus for more than 30 years. A Malaccan by birth, his growing up years was in Singapore when his father was then posted there in the military. As he started work, he became an apprentice to a Javanese hawker who sold Mee Rebus in Singapore. However, he did not manage to learn the recipe despite working with the Javanese for 8 years until the Javanese’s retirement at the age of 78.

He moved to Kuala Lumpur in the late 60s and was operating behind Selangor Emporium (which has since closed down) until 1998 when he was asked by the authorities to locate to this present spot together with other hawkers.

Business starts at about 9.00am in the morning till 5.00pm in the afternoon from Mondays to Sundays and I was the first customer today. In fact, I had to wait for about 10 minutes whilst he was cooking and heating up the Mee Rebus gravy. That gave me a chance to chit chat with the friendly Encik Rosli and hence, you got the historical fact above.

mee rebus

Rosli Mee Rebus is truly delicious. The yellow noodles are blanched just nice and come without the alkaline taste associated with yellow noodles. It is also soft enough to be slurped into the mouth, if you are into that kind of food eating experience. Freshly blanched bean sprouts are also included. The gravy is well worth a try. Made of secret ingredients (of course) which includes peanuts and spices, the gravy tasted sweetish with an ever slight spicy hot hint to it. The Mee Rebus is topped with freshly cut chillis, fried shallots and half a hardboiled egg. Half a fresh lime is included for you to squeeze out the juice to make the Mee Rebus extra delicious. If you want to, you can ask for fried tofu for at an additional cost. According to Encik Rosli, the original recipe he inherited from the Javanese cook has beef as part of the ingredients. However, to suit his customer, he has omitted it from the recipe.

Encik Rosli informed me that he also caters to functions on Sundays and has quite a regular clientele. I won’t be surprised considering that he’s been selling this longer than I’ve been born. I am now one of his regulars and it is no wonder why when he keeps delivering good Mee Rebus all these years.

Kueh Chap

Chinese, Food review, Pork, Soup August 2nd, 2007

kueh chap

In Hong Kong, the movie industry has its 4 Heavenly Kings to describe the 4 most popular singers. For me, I have my 4 Heavenly Kings to describe my 4 must-eat hawker dishes in Kuching. Kueh Chap is one of the 4. The others being the Sarawak Laksa, Kolok Mee and Tomato Kuey Teow.

Kueh Chap, I believe, is hokkien for the word “Cake” and “Mixed”. The “cake” or kueh denotes the use of thicker than usual kuey teow (rice flour cake – which is like lasagna) whilst “mixed” or chap probably describes the use of a mixture of pork parts in the dish. In Penang, Singapore and Johor Bahru, I believe they use duck parts as well. In Kuching, it is almost exclusively pork. Read the rest of this entry »

Gong Pian

Food review July 19th, 2007

I need to work on an urgent affidavit and hence, am unable to update with a recipe at the moment. As per usual routine, I will highlight one of the other food reviews I have previously done and this time, it’s Gong Pian aka Gong Pia aka Kwang Ping aka Shining Biscuit. For purposes of this post, I shall just call it Gong Pian.

Gong Pian is Foochow in origin. You can get these in Foochow, China or in Sitiawan and Sibu in Malaysia or wherever else the Foochow people decide to make this. So folks, let me take you on the Gong Pian journey. Interesting pictures for you to see as well.

An unassuming corner lot holding the best secret in town

During last Friday’s recce to Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa, Damai Laut, we stopped by in Sitiawan to buy some famous Foochow confectionary – Gong Pian! We were brought to this corner shop “somewhere” in Sitiawan and told that this shop is famous. Apparently, the gong pians sell like hot pias (literally). Read the rest of this entry »

Fried Chicken Rice in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur

Chicken, Chinese, Food review June 4th, 2007

I am back at work after a couple of days’ leave attending a Church Camp. I was in Court this morning and will have to be back there again after lunch, so I’ll have to put up a quickie post. Whilst I have one new recipe to share, I don’t have enough time to get it up today. So, I’ll take you on a journey to Segambut, Kuala Lumpur for an excellent fried chicken rice. No, the rice is not fried. The chicken is. This is again, a review which I previously did in my personal blog and I hope you’ll start drooling when you read on. Get your tissues ready!


What can be so interesting about some Fried Chicken Rice that is drawing the crowds? How can the business be so good that the proprietor can afford to only sell the Fried Chicken Rice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays? Have a look at the crowd and taste the fried chicken for all your questions answered.

Fried Chicken Rice at Segambut

Take a drive to the Segambut roundabout and head towards the direction of Total Office and GBH on your left. You will see a traffic light in front of you. Take a right turn and you shall see a well-known restaurant on your left called Yu Ai (which sells the famous Segambut Tom Yam Noodles). Take a right turn into Persiaran Segambut Tengah 1. This Fried Chicken Rice stall is upon the first right hand turn. If you are lost, just ask any of the people in the vicinity.

Lady at the Stall

I did not name the stall because the stall has no name. When I asked the proprietor about it, he just mentioned “Under the Big Tree”. Thank you very much! That was very helpful. Anyway, where good food is concerned, the name is not important. Foodlovers will find you in any event.

So good you can even eat it on its own

So, we (3 of us) had a plate of rice each. The rice, which is very fragrant and fluffy, was probably cooked in chicken stock with plenty of garlic, shallots and pandan leaves. Borrowing what Gardenia said “You can even eat it on its own!”. Quite a generous portion is given but don’t worry. You will finish it in no time.

Give me more!!!

The highlight here is of course, the Fried Chicken which has made this stall so famous in the Klang Valley and now, worldwide thanks to the Internet. The Fried Chicken is very crispy on the outside. I would call it fried to perfection and would love to learn that skill one day. It must have to do with the skill of the person frying the chicken to have the skin fried till crisp (but not oily) whilst the meat is thoroughly cooked and retaining its tenderness and juice. The marinade is a closely guarded secret which renders the chicken really tasty. Most tables we see have extra servings of rice and chicken which is a testimony of how good it really is. The chilli sauce has a generous amount of garlic and compliments the Fried Chicken Rice really well. Unfortunately, the picture did not turn out well as I was getting impatient to sink my teeth into the rice whilst clicking away.

The Fried Chicken Rice is sold at RM3.20 for drumstick / thigh with rice. For a whole leg (drumstick + thigh), that will cost RM5.00. Not overly expensive considering that the chicken portion is quite big (unlike KFC).

Give it a try. Do remember that it is only sold on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10.30am till after lunch. Be early to get a seat or drool while you stand and wait for your turn.



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