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Legacy…recipes to pass to our children

Miscellaneous January 9th, 2012

Happy New Year! How has everyone been doing? It’s been a long time since Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food was updated and I’ve received many emails wondering what I’ve been up to. Well, I’m doing fine and the cooking hasn’t stopped albeit, very much of the same old recipes recycling every other week. My family has also been blessed with a domestic helper from the Philipines who is very talented in cooking as she has been able to pick up Chinese cooking really fast. So, it’s been good to be having nourishing home-cooked food every evening when we return home from work.

So, what’s this cookbook that I have featured here on this post, you may ask. It’s something really exciting that I want to share with you. Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food was written based on my passion to record down everyday home-cooked food recipes to be shared with people all around the world and it has brought me tremendous pleasure and satisfaction to see many of you successfully replicating or even improvising on the recipes. Likewise, the Legacy cookbook is was written by 37 contributors, mostly home-makers and produced with the aim of ensuring that these favourite home-cooked food recipes are not forgotten. Read the rest of this entry »

Results of USD$100 Giveaway Contest

Miscellaneous September 9th, 2008

What a contest it has been! 18 entries and 3170 870 votes came in for the various participants. After the voting log was scrutinized for multiple voting and results tallied, the winner of the USD$100 Giveaway is Entry No. 3 submitted by Babe_KL.

Babe_KL, who is a well known food blogger in Malaysia, cooked the nourishing Black Bean Soup. Being an experienced cook herself, she used the pressure cooker to cook this soup to great effect. Check out her blog for more simple and good food.

Next, the 2nd placed winner is HN who cooked a local favourite, Chicken Rice in Rice Cooker. A domestic adaptation of the ever popular Claypot Chicken Rice, this is one of HN’s favourite “lazy weekend dish”. The picture of the Chicken Rice in Rice Cooker was proudly taken by HN’s hubby. HN gets a 2 month placement of 125x125ad on the sidebar of this site worth $80.

The 3rd placing for this contest is won by The Cooking Momster who made a commendable attempt on one of my wife’s speciality, Mee Suah Kueh. Her family loved it and for a moment, they thought it was Lobak Kueh! The Cooking Momster gets a One month placement on the Featured Blogger Ad on the sidebar.

Full tabulated results after deletion of multiple votes are as follows:- Read the rest of this entry »

Voting for the USD$100 Contest Begins!

Miscellaneous September 1st, 2008

Over the past 10 days, a total of 18 submissions were received for the USD$100 giveaway! I must say that I am quite impressed with the effort put in by those who participated and glad to hear that the recipes turned out well. In fact, some recipes were attempted by more than one participant and some participants submitted more than 1 entry.

The following is the list of participants who are identified by the Entry Numbers. Below the list is the Poll for you to vote on your favourite entry. The system is configured to only accept one vote per reader. For those who have participated, get your family, friends and blog readers to vote for your entry. For those who did not participate, join the fun by voting for your favourite entry.

Entry 1 – Cheese Biscuits by JinHooi of Smell & Taste are my memory

Entry 2 – Asam Ikan Kembung by PureGlutton of PureGlutton (1)

Entry 3 – Black Bean Soup by Babe_KL City of Babe in the city – KL

Entry 4 – Ginger Sauced Chicken by Giddy Tigers of Giddy Tigers

Entry 5 – Sambal Belacan Ladies Fingers by PureGlutton of PureGlutton (2)

Entry 6 – Pumpkin and Luncheon Meat Combo by Tine of Oh for the love of me!

Entry 7 – Yam Rice by Zara’s Mama of My Two Girls

Entry 8 – Japanese Tofu with Minced Pork by Michelle of A New Beginning!

Entry 9 – Mee Suah Kueh by Momster of The Cooking Momster

Entry 10 – Bak Kut Teh by PureGlutton of PureGlutton (3)

Entry 11 – Stuffed Mushroom by Wen of Kiddo’s Realm

Entry 12 – Cheese Biscuits by Anggie of Anggie & Jeremy Boy

Entry 13 – Stewed Chicken in Dark Soya Sauce by Pink Parisian of Have you eaten?

Entry 14 – Chicken Rice cooked in Rice Cooker by Michelle of A new beginning! (2)

Entry 15 – Mee Suah Kueh by FlowerMummy of Flower Mummy Cooking Journey

Entry 16 – Chicken Rice cooked in Rice Cooker by HN of Lazy Weekend Cooking

Entry 17 – Egg Flower Minced Pork Soup by Shelley of Nibbles of Tidbits

Entry 18 – Garlic Hoi Sin Chicken by TummyThoz of Tummy Thoughts

All the best!

Voting will begin now and will end on Midnight (Malaysian time) 7th 9th September, 2008.

Update (02.09.2008 @ 1045hours) : Due to a problem with the polling software used which could not be accessed by IE users, I have installed a new poll software which you can see on the sidebar to your right. I have imported all votes as at 1045hours. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Update (08.09.2008 @ 2310hours) : It has come to my attention that there are instances of multiple voting by clearing of cache. A brief glance at the voting log unfortunately shows that this has been happening. This is despite the rules which state that each voter is only allowed one vote. I will still be keeping the voting open until 2400hours for genuine voters to vote. Thereafter, I will be sifting through the voting log for multiple voting pattern. Results will take some time as I need to verify the 3000 odd votes which came in.

$100 Up For Grabs!

Miscellaneous August 21st, 2008

Delicious Asian Food has been growing tremendously over the past couple of months and I have noticed more and more people trying out the recipes here with glowing reviews. I must say a big thank you to all of you who have kept coming back and mustering enough courage to try out my humble recipes. You know who you are!

With that in mind, I am launching a contest here with (updated : more than) USD $100 up for grabs! I have never created a contest before and definitely have not given away (more than) USD $100 to anyone online. This is what you need to do and how you can win the USD $100 (or other prizes). Read the rest of this entry »

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