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Braised Seafood Yee Mein

Noodles January 8th, 2009

braised seafood yee mein

Yee Mee or Yee Mein (in cantonese) is a type of dried noodles which looks like lengthy rubber-bands. They are brown in colour and usually come shaped like a small cake. It is usually cooked with some sort of rich gravy and in some food courts, you will find it being served on a sizzling hot plate. Though it is quite common, nevertheless, it is still not as popular as the yellow noodles, bee hoon or kuey teow. I think this may have to do with the taste.

In its sold form, the Yee Mee can have a distinctive muski-smell which some might find it a tad artificial. To reduce this “artificial” smell, it is recommended that the Yee Mee be blanched in hot water for a couple of minutes before plunging it into cold water prior to cooking it proper with sauces. You will find that the water used to blanch the Yee Mee will turn brownish and thoroughly unappetising.

In some parts of Malaysia, you can find what is known as Sang Har Meen (fresh prawn noodles) wherein Yee Mee is predominantly used. With that in mind, I decided to cook my very own Braised Seafood Yee Mein using fresh sea prawns and fresh lala clams. I could have boosted the taste further with fresh slices of fish meat and cuttlefish but I couldn’t get my hands on them. Anyway, home cooking is usually not so extravagant. Prawns and lala clams are good enough for this session.

This is my recipe for Braised Seafood Yee Mein

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Mee Siam

Noodles March 5th, 2008

mee siam

The name Mee Siam means “Siamese Noodles“. Said to be of Thai origin, it is now probably more popular in southern Johor and Singapore. Cooked with rice vermicelli or bee hoon as what the locals prefer to call it, Mee Siam is great for parties as it is cheap (ingredients costs little) and tasty at the same time.

Mee Siam uses a few main ingredients which brings out its peculiar taste – tau cheo (preserved soya beans), chilli and dried prawns. The more elaborate Mee Siam calls for the pouring of tamarind gravy over the cooked Mee Siam whilst mine is a simpler version which uses freshly squeezed calamansi (limau nipis) juice. The combination of spicy, sweet and sour taste makes this Mee Siam dish appealing to many.

The key to cooking Mee Siam is using a stove which produces high heat and to use the thinner type of rice vermicelli. Why? You use high heat because you don’t want to cook the Mee Siam for too long. Otherwise, the rice vermicelli will break into tiny pieces. At the same time, you use the thinner type of rice vermicelli (I use the Erawan brand which shows an elephant logo) because it does not taste as nice when thicker or coarser rice vermicelli is used.

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When I am not cooking Asian

Noodles February 14th, 2008



Sometimes I need a break from Asian food – I will cook Italian instead 😉

Pork Chop Noodles

Noodles, Pork January 27th, 2008

pork chop noodles

What I like most about noodles is the versatility of this staple food. You can cook fry noodles, stew them or even cook them in soup. Recently, I had with me a couple of slices of pork loin and some french beans and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out something new again. Hence, Pork Chop Noodles was created. In Melaka, there is this famous Taiwanese Pork Chop Noodles but that is different from what I have cooked here. Whereas the Taiwanese Pork Chop Noodles uses soya noodles, I have used the dry noodles bought from Sitiawan instead.

This dish is pretty due to the use of french beans and carrots for the contrast in colour. It is also healthy as it contains carbohydrate, protein, fat and fibre. The french beans and carrots lend a crunchy bite to the otherwise springy noodles whilst the aromatic pork chop (which is cut into strips) becomes the highlight as far as the taste is concerned. Give this dish a try. You can use all kinds of noodles really. I would suggest soya noodles, instant dried noodles (eg. Vit Mee) and even soba for this dish.

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