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Kuih Lapis

Confectionery, Pastry September 27th, 2007

kuih lapis

Kuih Lapis has got to rank probably one of my favourite cakes. Also known as Layered Cake, Kuih Lapis is said to have originated from Indonesia and it is quite a labourious cake to bake as it involves baking the cake layer by layer. The layer is usually paper thin and it can be quite fun peeling it off layer by layer to eat them. This cake is also quite sweet and it is best sliced thinly across the layers and consumed in small portions. Somehow, eating them in big slices does not give the kind of pleasure when you eat them in thin slices whilst admiring the layers.

My mother-in-law learnt this recipe from an Indonesian many years back and she bakes this cake annually. Though you might say that I am partial, I must say that her Kuih Lapis is the best I’ve eaten so far. Try out the recipe for Kuih Lapis here. It’s worth the work!

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Pineapple Tart Pastry

Confectionery, Pastry May 17th, 2007


pineapple tarts

My mother-in-law bakes awesomely delicious pineapple tarts and that is one of the highlights whenever we go back home for Chinese New Year. Pineapple tarts take up lots of hours to make as there is the cooking of pineapple jam (which can take hours) and preparation of pastry followed by baking. Usually, my mother-in-law will make the pineappple jam in advance and keep it in the fridge until needed.


pineapple tart pastry 1

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