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Soft Pork Cubes with Soy Sauce and Potatoes

Pork November 18th, 2008

sweet soy pork

This is a very traditional home-cooked meal in any Indonesian Chinese family. Known as “Bak Kecap” – literally translation of “pork with soy”, the dish is sometimes served as one dish meal, with the usual pairing of steamed rice.

We literally grew up with this. Sweet and full of carbohydrates. Though the ingredients may seem basic and almost too simple, it has never failed to be an all-time favourite amongst the youngsters in the family. Therein lies the secret to many home-cooked dishes – using simple ingredients for a quick satisfying meal. The meat is marinated for a short time before braised. The cornstarch / tapioca flour is used to improve the texture of the dish and the potatoes are pan-fried to add an extra crunch to it.

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Seaweed Delight

Pork, Vegetable September 22nd, 2008

fried seaweed with minced pork

This dish is easy to cook but a nightmare to think out a name for it. For starters, it is not exactly fried. Neither is it stir-fried, steamed, braised, stewed or poached. I would put it as a combination of a quick and light stir-fry mixed with quick stewing for a quick and delicious meal. Now, it is quite common in chinese homes to have seaweed soup which comes with minced pork. But it is altogether another thing to have it cook this way that I am sharing with you. Whereas seaweed soup may be bland to some, this dish is tasty to the core hence, the name Seaweed Delight.

Mum first learnt this dish from 1st aunt and thereafter, taught me how to cook this dish. It has now become my preferred dish if I were to cook seaweed at home. The basic ingredients are no different from cooking seaweed soup but the cooking method and seasoning is slightly different. As you read the recipe, you will know why. Anyway, this dish has always made its presence on the dinner table only to vanish in every meal session. So, resist trying it at your peril.

This is my 1st aunt’s recipe for Seaweed Delight. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasty Fried Baby Back Ribs

Pork September 14th, 2008

I love pork ribs, especially when they are fried or roasted. One of my favourite style of pork ribs would be Champagne Pork Ribs, a well-known chinese-styled pork ribs with a hint of cooking wine used in the marinating process. I googled around the net for a recipe for champagne pork ribs but could not find one which would satisfy me. In the end, I decided to create my own marinate with absolutely no reference to champagne pork ribs.

I chose baby back ribs for this recipe due to the tenderness of the meat around the ribs. According to Wiki, “Baby back ribs, sometimes called loin ribs or simply back ribs, are taken from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spareribs, below the loin muscle. They have meat between the bones and are shorter but meatier than spareribs. The rack is shorter at one end, due to the natural tapering of a pig’s rib cage.” You will see the whitish soft bone part on one end of the rib.

I gave the ribs a good 6 hours of marinating with a mix of sauces and it turned out well after frying. You can also roast the ribs if you have an oven by basting it regularly with the marinate. It turned out great, and definitely tasty and my two kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Give this recipe a try as it is simple and fuss free.

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Pork Strips with Capsicum in Hoisin Sauce

Pork August 4th, 2008

pork strips capsicum hoisin sauce

If you are looking for an easy yet tasty recipe, Pork Strips with Capsicum in Hoisin Sauce may just be right for you (provided you eat pork, of course). To be honest, though I have heard much about Hoisin Sauce since I was young when I was exposed to the cook show Wok with Yan, I did not venture into cooking with this sauce until I tasted my mother-in-law’s Pork Leg Hoisin Stew. It seems that pork tastes good when paired with Hoisin Sauce.

So, my recent venture was to stir fry pork strips with capsicum and carrots with hoisin Sauce and what a satisfaction this dish gave me. The subtly sweet and crunchy capsicum and carrots gave this dish a mix in  the different texture and taste.  The use of onions also helped to give this dish a nice pungent hint, though not overpowering. So simple is this dish that preparation and cooking time took only about 30 minutes with a bulk of it into marinating the pork. Give this dish a try if you want something tasty to go with your rice or plain noodles / pasta.

This is my recipe for Pork Strips with Capsicum in Hoisin Sauce Read the rest of this entry »

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