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Garam Masala Fried Rice with Lamb Medallions

Lamb, Rice January 16th, 2018

For a short period of time in 2017, I experimented with low-iodine recipes. It was not easy as staple ingredients for Chinese recipes such as soy (which means, no soy sauce or the like), seafood (which also means, no oyster sauce), beans and leafy greens are out. In comes spices, capsicums, raisins, salt and pepper for most of the recipes.

I bought some choice lamb medallions from Cold Storage and they looked good for a meal but I was also looking to pairing it with rice rather than pasta or potatoes. I thought it would be interesting to have fried rice with a hint of spice – it turned out not too bad after all. Give this a try if you are keen to explore.

Garam Masala Fried Rice with Lamb Medallions (for 1 pax)

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Yam Rice

Rice May 13th, 2008

yam rice

I am quite fond of Yam though I don’t eat it that regularly. There are many ways of cooking Yam – dessert, dim sum or stir fried but one easy dish to cook it would be Yam Rice. Yam Rice can be considered an all-in-one dish because you don’t really need to cook anything else with it, save perhaps a nice bowl of soup to further whet your appetite. The best part of cooking Yam Rice is that you only need a small portion of yam to cook this dish. Too much and you will be stuffing yourself silly unless you are cooking for a party. Perhaps you might want to consider saving some for Yam and Sago Dessert.

My mum advised that the Yam should be cut into small cubes and pre-fried separately from the rice. Overcooked Yam will turn mushy or break up and you might lose the flavour a bit. Just add the fried yam into the rice just as the rice is boiling in the rice cooker and you should have nice fluffy rice with fragrant fried yam cubes. As usual in these kind of rice recipes, you will need dried shrimps and mushrooms for the full flavour.

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Prawn Fried Rice

Rice, Seafood January 14th, 2008

prawn fried rice

It is mind boggling the variety of fried rice dishes out there. With rice as the main actor, it is left to the imagination of the chef to add the supporting acts to create a fried rice dish. One of my favourite fried rice dish is the Prawn Fried Rice. The prawns give the fried rice a nice seafood flavour and comes with a natural sweetness which cannot be substituted with the use of any form of seasoning.

For this fried rice dish, it is important to use the freshest prawns you can get for otherwise, you will get a “fishy” smell and will probably attract flies instead. Get prawns the size of about 2 inches in length (before shelling). Shell the prawns and cut them into smaller cubes. That is my preference anyway. You can leave it whole if you want… especially if you want to impress your guests with bigger looking prawns 😀

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Pumpkin Rice

Rice, Vegetable October 25th, 2007

pumpkin rice

Pumpkin is a versatile vegetable which can be cooked in many ways. You can fry it, make cakes out of it, steam it or even bake a cake with it. One way of savouring the delicious sweet-tasting pumpkin is to cook it with rice in a rice cooker or claypot over charcoal fire (if you have one). You can also cook it in a pot over a gas stove or electric burner but care is needed to prevent burning.

Pumpkin rice ensures that every taste of the pumpkin is fully absorbed by the rice and the use of other ingredients like dried prawns, mushrooms and belly pork makes this dish a truly satisfying dish to make and eat. You don’t really have to cook anything else as you get your share of carbohydrate, protein, fat and fibre all in one dish. If you like pumpkins, you should try this.

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