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Ngor Hiang

Appetiser, Pork, Seafood, Snacks February 4th, 2008

ngor hiang

Ngor Hiang is also known as 5 spices in Hokkien. Ground into powder, you get the 5-spice powder. However, the funny thing is that Ngor Hiang also refers to this dish – which is essentially prawn and pork rolled in a soya skin. In Penang, they call it Lor Bak or Lobak whilst for us from Johor, we call it Heh Chor. There are many variants for the ingredients used but the main ingredients are prawns, pork and of course, the 5-spice powder. The 5 spice powder is popularly used for dishes like Chinese Stewed Duck and Kong Bak.

This Ngor Hiang recipe makes about 13 rolls using 1 piece of soya skin (fuchok). The soft soya skin is used rather than the usual hard-type which is commonly used for other dishes like Ginkgo Barley Dessert. It is not an easy dish to prepare as it can be a bit labourious preparing the ingredients, rolling them up and finally, frying them. However, this tasty Ngor Hiang is bound to make you eat non-stop. It is delicious on its own or a great accompaniment to steamed white rice. For added taste, give it a dip into chilli or tomato sauce.

This is my wife’s recipe for Ngor Hiang / Prawn and Pork Roll Read the rest of this entry »

Worcestershire Fried Belly Pork Snack

Pork, Snacks January 21st, 2008

Worcestershire Fried Belly Pork

I was cooking Long Bean Rice over the weekend when I had excessive belly pork (or is it pork belly?) to use. So, I fooled around by experimenting with it to see if I could churn out a simple snack with it. Tastes not too bad and my daughter loved it to bits (pun intended). What I did was to chop the belly pork into really small pieces and marinade them primarily with worcestershire sauce. Then, I fried them till golden brown. My next quest is to find a way to tenderise the pork. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, this is my new recipe called Worcestershire Fried Belly Pork Snack Read the rest of this entry »

Teochew Dumplings

Snacks September 29th, 2007

teochew dumplings

Teochew or Chaozhou Dumplings are good exercise for the jaw. Packed with plenty of ingredients including peanuts, dried shrimps, mushrooms and bamboo shoots, each bite gives you a riot of taste and texture – from the smoky peanuts to the soft mushrooms right to the crunchy sweet taste of bamboo shoots. My mother-in-law made this for supper during my visit to Kuching recently and the recipe is based on a cookbook which she adapted and slightly modified.

teochew dumpling ingredients

I was intrigued with the tang flour and caltrop starch which were used to make the dumpling skin. The end result is a skin which is slightly translucent and almost had a slight rubbery texture to it (which ensured that the filling does not burst out after steaming). I understand that this combination is used quite often in making other types of dumplings. Anyway, if you have time and you want to impress your family or guests, give this recipe a try.

This is my mother-in-law’s recipe for Teochew Dumplings Read the rest of this entry »

Sour and Spicy Ikan Bilis

Seafood, Snacks September 14th, 2007

spicy and sour ikan bilis

Before I got married, the only snack which I knew how to cook with Ikan Bilis (Dried Anchovies) was my so-called Ikan Bilis Snack recipe. After getting married, I cooked that dish for one of the meals and my wife remarked that her family version is slightly different. Sour and Spicy Ikan Bilis (a name I coined out) is slightly more elaborate but if you ask me, has a more complex but delicious taste compared to Ikan Bilis Snack.

If you compare the two recipes, you will realize that Sour and Spicy Ikan Bilis has more ingredients compared to Ikan Bilis Snack. The combined use of thinly sliced aromatic shallots, fresh chillis and garlic with ikan bilis with a twist of lime makes this dish truly appetizing and refreshing. You can eat it as a snack (provided you have a couple of glasses of drink to help you quench your thirst) or as an accompaniment to steamed white rice. Give it a try as it is really simple to prepare and cook.

This is my wife’s recipe for Sour and Spicy Ikan Bilis Read the rest of this entry »

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