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Chinese White Radish Soup

Soup May 3rd, 2008

chinese white radish soup

It’s time for another comfort soup and this time, I am featuring the Chinese White Radish Soup. The chinese white radish is also known as white radish (surprise!) or amongst the Japanese as the Daikon Radish. It basically looks like a white carrot which is oversized. It is quite a versatile vegetable as you can use it to make lo bak kou (turnip cake), stirfried, pickled or cooked in soups like the above. I am given to understand that amongst the chinese who practice or partake in traditional herbal medicine, the white radish is a no-no in the diet of the patient during treatment as it supposedly absorbs all the medicinal values. Anyone knows about this?

Anyway, the Chinese White Radish Soup is a simple recipe which is suitable even for beginners. Just prepare the ingredients, drop them into a crockpot / slow cooker / double-boiler or pot and simmer it. A good tasting healthy soup awaits you when it is done. I usually add dried cuttlefish and dried oysters for added taste and flavour but that is optional. Give this soup a try. It’s delicious.

This is my recipe for Chinese White Radish Soup Read the rest of this entry »

Fish Ball Vegetable Soup

Fish, Soup March 31st, 2008

fishball veg soup

I confess. I love fishballs. When they come fresh and springy, I can take about a dozen in one go. So, what’s this obsession with fishballs then? One thing is – it is cheap. I can get them for 10 cents each from the wet market. It is quite healthy though it may be processed fish meat. And it is easy to cook. You can fry them or use them in soups. When using fishballs in soups, it can either be as an accompaniment or as the highlight of the soup itself.

This recipe highlights the fishballs. I use chinese mustard greens (choy sum) to make this dish one step healthier – what with the fibres and nutrients from the vegetables. For the soup base, I use ikan bilis stock prepared fresh and not the instant granules. Ikan bilis stock is easy to prepare and you can even cool it and store them in the freezer for future use. Handy especially when you want to whip up a quick soup.

This is my simple but delicious recipe for Fish Ball Vegetable Soup Read the rest of this entry »

Miso Tofu Soup

Soup March 1st, 2008

miso tofu soup

It’s been more than a week since my last recipe was published here on this site. I have been preoccupied with blogging about politics with the General Election looming and over the last couple of days, we experienced water supply disruption at our place. Hence, we ate out instead or bought some take aways. Incidentally, I went to Ichiban Ramen for lunch this afternoon and the bowl of miso soup which I had reminded me of the one I cooked about 2 weeks ago which I have yet to post here.

Miso Tofu Soup is a popular and common soup served in Japanese restaurants and I believe, probably in Japanese homes as well. Prior to mustering enough courage to cooking this soup at home, I have always thought that it would be a difficult soup to cook. Not any more. If you can cook instant noodles, you are more than able to cook this soup. All you need to do is just to buy miso paste (with bonito extract as part of its ingredients), dehydrated wakame (a type of seaweed) and silken tofu and you can whip up this tasty soup in a jiffy.

This is the recipe for Miso Tofu Soup (yields approximately 3 bowls) Read the rest of this entry »

Double-Boiled Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup

Chicken, Soup February 11th, 2008

double boiled sweet herbal chicken soup

This herbal chicken soup is sweet. Most herbal chicken soup can be bitter and kids do not like them. This soup, however, is sweet due to the ingredients used. With a combination of American dried fig, red dates, honey dates, gojiberries, dried longan, pei ji and yuk chuk , you can be assured of a sweet tasting soup filled with goodness. This amount of herbs used in this soup are estimates only and do not come under any special recipe from the chinese medicine store.

chinese herbs

The herbs used are from top (clockwise) – red dates, dried longans, american dried figs, pei ji, honey dates and yuk chuk. Kei chee is not shown in the picture but you can see them floating on the 1st picture above.

This is my wife’s recipe for Herbal Chicken Soup Read the rest of this entry »

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