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One-Dish Meal

Suggested Menu, Tofu November 11th, 2008

one dish meal

In today’s hectic lifestyle, one-dish meals have become a popular choice amongst busy mothers and career women. Today I would like to share with you a simple, healthy and practical one-dish meal that I recently cooked for both my son and myself. I selected my son’s favorite ingredients to be included in this meal (mushrooms, meat, beancurd and edamames) to wet his appetite. I also used my own concoction of “teriyaki” sauce (a combination of light soya sauce, mirin and sugar). With one bowl of rice, we slurped up everything on the plate. This means less washing up too!

The ingredients chosen in this dish, whilst being my son’s favourite, are also packed with nutrients suitable and crucial for a growing child. Of interest would be the edamame, which is packed with dietary fiber, iron, protein, phosphorus, thiamin and copper, and a very good source of folate, Vitamin K and manganese. You might also want to know that edamames have very low sodium content.

Hope you’ll enjoy savouring as well as preparing them. To all Chefs, let’s start wokking now. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Meal

Suggested Menu August 17th, 2007

simple meal 1

Wow! It’s been a couple of days since I last posted a recipe here. We haven’t been cooking much at home and even when we have, it’s mostly dishes which I have previously posted here on this site. As some of you might know, the kids were down with running nose and vomitting episodes and my missus was also not feeling well. Same for moi.

So, on Sunday last, we had a simple meal which only took 1 hour to prepare, cook and serve. It involves the use of some essential ingredients usually found in Malaysian chinese homes:- ikan bilis, preserved bean curds, onions, garlic and rice (to cook porridge). The only thing purchased for that meal was fresh pea sprouts (tow miaw).

preserved bean curd

To prepare this meal, cooking is in the following order – porridge, ikan bilis snack and stir-fried pea sprouts. The preserved bean curd comes in a glass jar and no cooking is needed. Read the rest of this entry »

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